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Nira Video Song Takka Tamil Siddharth Karthik G Krish Niwas K Prasanna

Nira Video Song Takka Tamil Siddharth Karthik G Krish Niwas K Prasanna

Tucker Actor Siddharth’s next big film will hit the theaters on June 9. The film is directed by Karthik G Krish, who worked as an assistant to hit director Shankar. the ship. The romantic action thriller revolves around a young man who wants to get rich quick, played by Siddharth and played by actress Divyansha. The first single from the film was released in 2020 and was well received by fans and movie buffs. Sid Sriram sang to the music of the hit number Niwas K Prasanna which was released during the pandemic.

Now, ahead of the release, the makers of the film have released the song video of Nira Tucker. It starts with Siddharth painting ‘I love you’ on a black car with spray paint and the actress changes it to ‘I hate love’. As the actor asked if it was because he didn’t like it. The actress says that she does not like love and there is no such thing as love. The video later shows the two breaking up and feeling sad and depressed about the time they spent together. The song later shows scenes of the two together. A small part of the song color Also sung by director and actress Gautham Vasudev Menon. The two then think about texting each other but don’t, and then the video ends with the actor crying in the car thinking about the moment they broke up.

As producers Tucker A video song has also been released the rainbow Tarali,A few days ago, sneak peeks of the film were also released. The team is covering promotional events and interviews for a film, which is all set to release in Tamil and Telugu. The makers are all set to release glimpses videos from the film as a special series with six episodes.

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