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See what makes the Nothing Phone 2 tick in this teardown

See what makes the Nothing Phone 2 tick in this teardown

Nothing Phone 2 got the teardown treatment thanks to a YouTube content creator Zach Nelson From JerryRigEverything. Known for his many videos of repairing phones and testing their durability, Nelson’s latest video gives consumers a peak into the Nothing Phone 2 so you can see what the device’s unique design is all about.

Curious about the back glass plate and how it gives it that bulging look? Nelson says the design achieves nothing aesthetically by making the glass “tortoise shell shaped”. Not actually a solid piece of glass as some have believed.

More interesting, however, is the way the phone doesn’t implement any individual LED lighting zones. As Nelson reveals, LEDs are not all on a uniform board. They are divided into separate boards and many small pieces. You’ll see this when you see Nelson take the phone apart.

The Nothing Phone 2 teardown gives you an idea of ​​how repairable the device is

If you’re planning to buy this phone, you’ll be curious about how repairable it is. Judging from the tears, disassembling the device doesn’t seem too difficult. Nelson mentions that removing all the individual lighting zone boards and related parts is kind of a pain. But it feels like something because it’s time-consuming as opposed to difficult.

One thing that seems relatively easy is reaching for the battery to replace it if necessary. With a strong adhesive sticker, nothing sticks the battery inside the phone. But it also includes a pull tab to make it easier to get the battery out.

Teardown convenience and repairability aside, even if you’re not interested in buying or taking this phone apart, it’s still an interesting look at the extent of engineering experience required to put a phone together. There is nothing short of unique design of this kind. Nothing Phone 2 was officially announced on July 11 and is set to release in the US later this month on July 17. This is Nothing’s first phone to officially hit the US market.

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14 July 2023

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