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Over 30,000 suggestions by residents for Bangalore’s development: DKS | Bangalore

Over 30,000 suggestions by residents for Bangalore’s development: DKS |  Bangalore

Written by Pathi Venkata Thadhagath

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar said he has received around 30,000 suggestions from Bengaluru residents for the development of the city. He also said that he would seek more suggestions from the younger generation such as high school and college students for the ‘Brand Bangalore’ initiative.

Karnataka Congress President DK Sivakumar.

On Saturday, Deputy CM DK Sivakumar said, “The people of Bengaluru are very keen to be a part of the city’s development. When I asked residents for suggestions for development, I got around 30,000 responses. I asked various departments to go through them and make a list of possible ideas.

Sivakumar also said that apartment associations also want to be a part of Brand Bangalore. “Bengaluru apartments that play a vital role in the eco-system of the city have expressed their interest to be part of the Brand Bengaluru initiative and we will bring in the necessary inclusion. I will talk to more representatives and come forward with a better decision,” he added.

The Karnataka government has launched an online portal called ‘Brand Bangalore’ to collect public suggestions for the development of the city. Brand Bengaluru’s vision includes advanced urban planning, innovative transportation systems, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to enhance safety, convenience, and sustainability.

The initiative aims to reduce travel time and congestion to improve mobility through efficient transport and smart traffic management. Bangalore also emphasizes storm-water management and sustainable drainage to reduce flood risk. Child-friendly spaces including parks and educational facilities are prioritized for the overall well-being of children.

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