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Environment promotes pet-food innovation in H1

Environment promotes pet-food innovation in H1

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Patents filed by environmentally-related pet-food companies were the most granted in the first half of the year, the data showed.

In the six months to the end of June, 602 environmentally-related pet protection patents were approved, according to figures from GlobalData. Just foodSuggest, parent of.

GlobalData’s Patent Analytics database contains global statistics of patents filed and granted by businesses across multiple sectors. Each patent is categorized by theme, including those related to areas such as the environment, reducing sugars, and robotics.

In pet care, health and well-being was the second-ranked theme, with 359 patents linked to the region approved in the first half of 2023.

GlobalData’s analysis also examines the number of patents filed by individual companies.

Across all themes in pet care, Purina brand owner Nestlé had 29 environmental patents in the first six months of the year. The Swiss giant had nine patents approved in the US.

Nestlé's Pet-Food Patents Places Connected to Environment Approved in H1 2023  Credit: GlobalData
Nestlé’s Pet Care Patents Places Connected to Environment Approved in H1 2023 Credit: GlobalData

Ingredients companies DSM and Chr. Hansen ranked on either side of Nestlé. DSM received 31 patents, Chr. Hansen shows another 16, data.

Looking at new applications made during the period, health and wellness was the area where pet companies applied the most for new patents, the data indicated. Around 608 patents were filed for approval during this period.

Nestlé, which owns pet-food brands including Lily’s Kitchen, topped the list of applicants with 36 moves for new patents.

DSM was second with 35 and Colgate-Palmolive was second with 28.

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