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Payday 3 fans are furious because the game is always online

Payday 3 fans are furious because the game is always online

Although many Payday series fans have noted that previous entries in the series have been their go-to when it comes to internet issues; They hoped that Payday 3 would not be a safe haven if this were to happen in the future. It was recently confirmed that Payday 3 requires players to be constantly online to play the game, and fans are upset.

Speaking in A Payday 2 Live Stream, Starbreeze’s global brand director Almir Listo confirmed that Payday 3 requires a stable internet connection to play even solo. Listo said, “You can play yourself, but I believe you have to have a relationship to play”. They cited that the game “is built on the Unreal Engine and uses cross-progression (and) cross-play” and that players “must be online”.

Players were disappointed by this revelation with a player in the game Steam forums “It’s something I’ve been very worried about,” he said. Another one the fan Payday lamented the announcement on the Reddit page, saying, “Payday 2 was my go-to when my internet was frequent”.

Some players suggest canceling pre-orders and not wishlisting the game on Steam until the developers remove the feature. the user StealthC0bra Said, “If you really want to try to change the only online feature, cancel your wishlist/order. This is the only way to listen to the OVK/Star-breeze community and vote with your wallet. Another one the player He seems to have put off pre-ordering Payday 3 after the announcement, “I was going to pre-order Payday 3, I even commented on it before, but now I’m not, I’m enjoying PD2 because of the modding, offline and solo play”.

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However, some players are still hoping that this won’t be a permanent problem with the game or that it might just be a misunderstanding. Players may take solace in Listo’s “I believe” caveat, and hope that perhaps this is still not the case. Starbreeze has not officially commented on the matter outside of Listo’s live stream. In other gaming news, Diablo 4 players are trying to sadden hardcore players, and Modern Warfare 2 players are disappointed with The Boyz crossover after Butcher’s omission.

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