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Peacock marvels under microscope in viral clip | trending

Peacock marvels under microscope in viral clip |  trending

A peacock spreading its feathers is a beautiful sight. In fact, there are many videos on social media showing the colorful plumage of the bird. However, have you ever wondered what feathers look like under a microscope? This viral video shows just that and it left people stunned.

A microbiologist shared a video on Instagram showing how peacock feathers look under a microscope. (Instagram/@tardibabe)

Microbiologist and Instagram user Chloé Savard shared the video on her page. She also shared a detailed caption that explains more about the peacock under the microscope.

“The way light interacts Peacock Melanin-rich feathers and keratin-encrusted air channels create an entire rainbow universe. Male peacocks use their beautifully colored feathers to attract females! The number of spectacle feathers, color and brightness contrast can play an important role in attracting a mate,” they wrote. “I found this feather while doing some cleaning in my mom’s apartment and immediately packed it in my suitcase to look at when I got back to Montreal! “I’m so glad I found it, I took about 120 pictures of it last night,” she added. In the next few lines, she explained the importance of feathers to the peacock and what they were made of.

Check out this incredible video of a peacock under a microscope:

The video was posted on July 7. The clip has gone viral ever since it was shared. So far, it has collected more than 4.6 million views and the number is increasing rapidly. The share also received many comments from people.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted to the video of the peacock under the microscope:

“It was beautiful,” praised one Instagram user. “Wonderful! I think everyone should put a microscope on their Christmas list. Never mind that you can only afford a very simple and basic model like mine. You get so much joy out of it,” shared another. “How beautiful,” joined a third. “Saving this to watch again,” wrote a fourth.

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