• Tue. Feb 27th, 2024
Perez revealed tire concerns during a late Hamilton charge

Sergio Perez felt Lewis Hamilton was “in control” during the Mercedes driver’s late surge for the Formula 1 podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In the closing stages at the Hunger Games, Perez ended his pursuit of second-placed Lando Norris as fourth-placed Hamilton began to quickly close in on the Red Bull driver.

The seven-time champion closed the gap on Perez to more than a second, but was never able to overtake, with Perez claiming just his second podium visit since the Miami Grand Prix.

Perez was confident that Hamilton did not pose a serious threat.

Perez dismissed Hamilton’s threat

“It was very difficult because we were going through backmarkers, Lando and I,” Perez told the media, including Racing News365.

“I was chasing Lando but, going offline, I had a couple of bad laps to clear my tires and that’s when Lewis was coming (behind me).

“But luckily they cleaned up and I think I got him under control in the end.

“We were doing similar (times) or a few tenths off, but not enough to overtake, so that’s good.”

Passing Hamilton and Oscar Piastri during his recovery drive to finish ninth in qualifying, Perez was forced into a race of aggression as his mood was aggressive heading into the 70-lap affair.

“I just tried to maximize it, try to get the biggest points possible,” he said.

“I was looking forward to getting on the podium. So I knew I had to do some overtaking there.”

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