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Police reportedly found a soundproof room in the basement of Rex Heuerman’s home world news

Police reportedly found a soundproof room in the basement of Rex Heuerman’s home  world news

Police reportedly found soundproof room in alleged Gilgo Beach killer’s basement By Rex Heuerman the house They believe at least one victim may have been killed there. Police use ground-penetrating sonar and cadaver dogs to search Rex’s backyard.

Alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heurman has been in the news since his arrest (Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office/handout via REUTERS)

A former colleague told the New York Post that Rex, 59, an architect, once took time off from his job to install a concrete vault in his family’s Long Island home. It’s not clear whether the basement compartment the co-worker mentioned is the one police suspect may be the killing chamber, or where Rex’s up to 300 guns were kept. But “it’s not just a hidden room — it’s a serious vault,” a former colleague said. “It had a big heavy-duty secure door. He went and poured new concrete walls, massive amounts of concrete in this room. It may be two or three feet thick.

“He’s a wacko,” said Robert Musto, 64, a Long Island Rail Road worker and longtime Massapequa Park neighbor. “He has a soundproof room in his basement,” Robert said police at the scene told him. “What do you think it’s for?”

“They say there’s evidence he killed at least one of the girls there,” the Long Island neighbor said. “The police are going to dig it all up. They said they were focused on the soundproof room in the basement, but they were going to look at everything.

Did Rex Heurman Kill His Victims Inside His Home?

Investigators believe Rex may have killed the victims while his wife and children were away from his home in Massapequa Park, Long Island, New York. Officers are taking potential evidence from his home after his arrest. Among the recently unearthed items were a large doll in a glass case, a large portrait of a woman with a bruised face and a filing cabinet, the Associated Press reported.

A source close to the investigation now tells CNN that the suspect may have brought the victims to their Long Island home and killed them while the family was away. It was reported that he went missing during those times.

The source also said that committing crimes at home would allow Rex to control the situation. It would also have allowed him to use tape and burlap bags found at the crime scene. Investigators have reportedly been monitoring Rex’s home since this spring.

Plainclothes cops caught Rex walking down a midtown sidewalk on Thursday night, July 13. Rex worked for many years at his own firm, RH Architecture, in Midtown. He is under suicide watch at the Suffolk County Correctional Facility. He has pleaded not guilty to three counts, including first degree murder.

Rex’s arrest was dubbed the ‘Gilgo Four’, a reference to four women whose bodies were found within days of 2010.

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