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Pressed Juicery has announced a new CEO, Justin Nedelman

Pressed Juicery has announced a new CEO, Justin Nedelman

Pressed Juicery announced Tuesday that it has hired a new CEO, Justin Nedelman. Nedelman most recently served as chief real estate officer for FAT Brands and prior to that was CEO and co-founder of California-based Eureka Restaurant Group.

In his new role as CEO of Pressed Juicery, Nedelman, a wellness and fitness enthusiast, will focus on expanding the healthy foodservice brand’s presence across multiple verticals and categories, including CPG, retail, grab-and-go and caffeinated beverages. Currently, Pressed Juicery is in 3,000+ retail stores, including Target, Whole Foods and Sprouts. Overall, the goal is to help Pressed Juicery become a better health and wellness brand than just a place to buy juice.

“One of the biggest priorities is reinventing the box,” Nedelman told Nation’s Restaurant News. “Our four walls where we sell our products are our north star… Our store locations are going to set the tone for what the brand is, but our wholesale and retail partners will be an unprecedented growth vehicle for us, even at a point. Be bigger than our store presence. But until such a time, our stores can tell our story.

Nedelman joins the Pressed Juicery team at a time when the health and wellness segment is booming, with several emerging brands vying for the 100-unit and counting company based in Santa Monica, Calif.

“It’s a competitive landscape, but everything is competitive,” he said. “As long as we surround ourselves with people who believe in the mission, we will succeed…Other brands are looking at ways to sell products outside their four walls, and we’re already doing that. Now, we need to make sure our stores provide a distinctive guest experience, so we hope to see updates for that soon.

Some of the updates Nedelman mentioned include expanding into new dayparts and introducing new store prototypes. In a few months, he said, Pressed Juicery will test a new market concept where they will expand their in-store offerings to include grab-and-go items, hot food, non-dairy frozen yogurt and other items. To prove to die-hard fitness enthusiasts and casual diners alike, Pressed Juicery isn’t just about cold-pressed juices and smoothies.

The goal is to become a wellness brand that consumers can come to at any time of the day, from ordering a green juice for breakfast in the morning to ashwagandha tea for a nightcap during the day.

“As we go down the path of offering caffeine infused with protein, we want to think about ourselves from the time you go to bed to the moment you wake up with items like a coffee smoothie that we launched last week,” Nedelman said. “Now there are many opportunities to satisfy the guest.”

Nedelman’s goals for Pressed Juicery include improving foot traffic, remaining reliable and relevant to consumers, and focusing on brand expansion through retail and wholesale presence, including greater use of Pressed Juicery’s factory to grow the business.

“I think the wellness craze has started,” he said. “…How do we focus on leveraging our brand equity and customer trust in the right way? If we’re going to sell other products, how do they reinforce the overall ethos of accessibility to health and wellness? We need to continuously evolve. ”

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