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Manipur, war of words between Congress and BJP after Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Rafale

Manipur, war of words between Congress and BJP after Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Rafale

Rahul took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that the Rafale deal got him a “ticket to the Bastille Day parade” while he remained silent on the violence in Manipur despite discussing it in the EU Parliament. “Manipur is burning. EU Parliament discusses India’s internal affairs. The Prime Minister did not say a word about this! Meanwhile, Rafale gives him tickets to the Bastille Day parade,” Rahul tweeted.

After the European Parliament on Wednesday adopted a resolution on the Manipur violence and said it “condemns in the strongest possible terms the nationalist rhetoric employed by leading members of the BJP party”, to which the Indian government responded that the matter was entirely internal. matter

The BJP hit back with Union Minister Smriti Irani saying: “A man who wants international interference in India’s internal affairs, a desperate dynast who ignores the ‘Make in India’ ambition and mocks India when our PM gets national honours. Rejected by the populace, he resented defense deals no longer landing at the dynasty’s doorstep.”

The BJP alleged that Rahul Gandhi was “pending to foreign powers, from America to Europe, to settle domestic political scores” and “cooperating with global syndicates working to undermine India’s interests”.

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said the Rafale issue was settled long ago by the Supreme Court and asked Rahul to stop “slandering the constitutional institution”. He added that Rahul himself had to apologize for misrepresenting some of his comments to the apex court. The court asked him to be more responsible but he and responsibility cannot go together, Bhatia said.

It is a shame that when the prime minister is honored in France, “some people are breast-beating”, he added.

BJP IT chief Amit Malviya continued the attack, linking the EU’s comments on Manipur to Rahul’s visit to the state. “It cannot be a mere coincidence that the EU Parliament proposed a debate on the conflict in Manipur, which has no business ventures, soon after Rahul Gandhi visited the state,” he said, accusing the former Congress president of “unfortunate” politicization of the conflict in Manipur.

“It is quite clear that Rahul Gandhi is leaning on foreign powers from America to Europe to settle the domestic political score. He is openly, brazenly and willingly collaborating with global syndicates working to undermine India’s strategic and geopolitical interests,” he added.

The Congress was led by Jairam Ramesh, who was highly critical of the government’s handling of the situation in Manipur. “In January 1977 Richard Nelson, a prominent economist at Yale University, published a highly influential essay entitled The Moon and the Ghetto. It became required reading for people like me in graduate school. Nelson raises the question: Why is it that a technologically dynamic America is capable of landing men on the moon but cannot meaningfully address its problems at home, especially in the inner cities? It is a profound thought-provoking analysis that is not without its relevance to us too,” the Congress leader said.

“We can go to the moon but are unable or unwilling to deal with the basic problems our people face at home. One can read an Indian version of Nelson’s essay, The Moon and Manipur,” Ramesh added.

Senior Congress leader KC Venugopal also attacked Irani, saying: “Ask Minister Smriti Irani to talk to the Prime Minister about this. The Prime Minister is traveling all over the world but does not talk about Manipur even for a minute.


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