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Zubair defends stone pelters who attacked Kanwar Yatra in Bareilly with ‘cropped video’

Zubair defends stone pelters who attacked Kanwar Yatra in Bareilly with ‘cropped video’

On Sunday (July 23) afternoon, Islamists pelted stones at a group of Kanwariyas near the Shahnoori Mosque in Jogi Nawada area of ​​Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, the incident took place around 3 pm when the Kanwariyas were on their way to Budaun to fetch holy water from the river Ganges. Kanwariya teams will perform the program ‘Jalvishek’ In the nearby Bankandinath temple.

However, they faced a stone barrier from the Islamists. According to locals, the attack was led by former corporator Usman Ali and his supporters, who pelted stones from the Kanwariyas’ house.

Earlier on Wednesday (July 19), a 15-year-old Muslim boy was charged with ‘attempt to murder’ after he pelted stones at Kanwariya groups in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly town’s Shergarh area.

As such, the incident on Sunday (July 21) was not the first time when Islamists targeted the Kanwar Yatra of the Hindu community in Bareilly. Talking about the issue, veteran journalist Deepak Chaurasia said (Archive), “Stone pelting on Kanwariyas near Shahnoori Masjid in Bareilly is shameful.”

He said, “According to information, a group of 2000 Kanwariyas were going to fetch water from Kachla, when people from other community (Islamists) started pelting stones at them from Shahnoori Mosque. More than 12 Kanwarias were injured in the stone pelting and several policemen were also attacked with stones.”

“The miscreants pelted stones and fled from the spot. They should be severely punished. No liberal will react to this incident. All liberals and ‘Tookday Tookday Gang‘ Silent as it doesn’t suit their agenda. Even the so-called human rights crusaders, who beat their chests in the name of intolerance, are silent on this issue #Bareli” he added.

Zubair came to the rescue of the Islamists

Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair, who has a notorious history of shielding Islamists, came to the stone-pelters’ rescue. He shared a 27-second cropped video showing that it was the Kanwariya clan that started the stone pelting.

“Hello, Deepak Chaurasia, why are you fanning the flames by showing just one video? This is another video where Kanwariyas are seen pelting stones in the presence of police forces,” he claimed in a tweet (Archive)

Zubair, who had earlier exposed his army of Islamists by sharing a cropped video of his remarks on former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, tried to defend his co-religionists by suggesting that stones were pelted from ‘both sides’.

Screengrab of Mohammad Zubair’s tweet

He attached a video of a police statement to prove his claim. The dubious ‘fact checker’ however left out a key piece of information such as the Islamists stationed near the Shahnoori Mosque started pelting stones.

Zubair also failed to mention that the video of the Kanwariyas pelting stones was in retaliation for an unprovoked attack by Islamists. Cleverly avoiding the context of the video, he thus implied that it was somehow a ‘free-for-all’ incident of stone-pelting.

His outrageous claims were ‘punctured’ when popular Twitter user Ankur Singh shared a longer version of the video, which was originally collected by Sudarshan News. Archive of tweets can be accessed here.

In the video, Islamists are seen pelting stones at a group of Kanwariyas. “Why did the beginning of this video cut, Zubair? Because it was clear who was throwing the first stone? Jubair cut off that part and started campaigning as he pelted stones at the Hindus in response,” wrote Ankur Singh.

He further asserted, “Zubair will come to save those who spat and threw stones at the Kanwariyas. Due to this, such incidents are increasing. People like him are setting the fire.

Bareilly Police Statement

Speaking on the matter, Bareilly SSP Pravar Chaudhary said, “So far, there is no report of any injuries. A procession of Kanwariyas was passing through the area (Jogi Nawada) around 3 pm.”

“There was an altercation while passing by a religious place…some people pelted stones. After checking the footage, it was found that stones were pelted from both directions,” he added.

Following the incident, security has been beefed up in and around the Shiva temple in Bareilly. According to Pravar Chowdhury, the law and order situation has been brought under control. City District Magistrate RD Pandey said additional police force has been deployed in the area.

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