• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
An interesting picture of Domin de Silva- News

‘Regina’ is directed by Malayalam director Domin De Silva, who has directed films like Pippin Chuvattile Pranayam and Star, with Sunaina in the lead role. Silva is making his Tamil debut with Regina. The trailer has a lot of action scenes including some scintillating shots of Sunaina. The story of this movie can be guessed to some extent by the story of a lion told in the background.

The story goes like this: A lion took all the things in the forest for his needs and hid them in his den. So the other animals in the forest had nothing to eat and were terribly hungry. All the hungry animals gathered and set fire to the lion’s den. No matter how fierce the lion is, it must come out of the den and die.

Music directed by Satish Nair, Cinematography by Bavi K Pawan, Editing by Toby John. Sunaina, Niva Aditan, Pashupati, Ritu Mantra, Anand Nag, Deena, Vivek Prasanna and others as ‘Regina’.

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