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Rock Health & Fitness Special Q&A with celebrity personal trainer Steve Jeffs: Sign up now for our friendly, welcoming gym | Local News | the news

Rock Health & Fitness Special Q&A with celebrity personal trainer Steve Jeffs: Sign up now for our friendly, welcoming gym |  Local News |  the news

Hitchin Nub News visited the picturesque village of Offaly to see what the top rock health & fitness gym has to offer.

Lisa Austin and her team of personal trainers have been constantly changing lives for over six years now, and if you’re after an encouraging and supportive environment for training, then sure to rock.

The Rock team take great pride in the community they have built around their gym in Offaly, located in the stunning countryside next to Offaly Hoo Farm.

So why not join Rock Health & Fitness and be part of a fun, friendly and supportive community.

Sign up to Rock Gym here Here

For our in-depth interview feature with Rock Personal Trainer Steve Jeffs read our exclusive Hitchin Nub newsletter for an exclusive Q&A.


Rock Health & Fitness Special Q&A with PT Steve Jeffs: Sign up now for our friendly and welcoming gym

Nub News: Hi Steve, Good to be here at Rock Health & Fitness in Offaly. Can you please tell us about yourself and what Rock has to offer.

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: Welcome to Rock Gym. My name is Steve Jeffs and I am a personal trainer here at Rock Gym. I’ve been going to the gym since I left school, for my own benefit, and then got involved as a PT instructor.

I have a full time job at Kingshot School in Hitchin and I work part time here. At Hitchin Boys School I have taken up self defense – Ju Jitsu.

We have everything you need in a gym. We also have two facilities that we use for weight training.

I’ll go through some of the facilities we offer here at Rock Gym: squat reps, free weights, dumb bells, sled, cable machine,

Every bar you can imagine. The leg press machine, a little further down is where we do all our strength and conditioning work. We have a treadmill, two rowers, a bike, battle rope,

We split the gym into two different sections – we have a boxing area which we use for sparring and we have a white collar boxing group.

Nub News: White collar boxing? That sounds interesting…

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: Ashley runs White Collar Boxing Tuesdays and Thursdays, come, pay as you go, he’ll train you and give you a fight.

Nub News: What are the benefits of attending Rock Gym?

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: It’s great, we get completely different people. Old, young and women. Looking to be a bit fitter in general. It’s not the kind of gym where you’re going to intimidate people, it’s a really friendly place with friendly classes.

What you get from a gym is that you get fitter, stronger and mentally healthier. What I’ve been working on with our Sunday boys.

Nub News: We’ve covered your men’s mental health class in a previous Up Close feature, but for anyone who missed our article, tell us more about your Sunday sessions

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: A couple of months ago I started running a men-only group every Sunday morning to boost mental health.

We currently have nine members and things are going well. Everyone is doing well.

It’s a great group from different backgrounds and different abilities – some haven’t set foot in a gym for seven years, some just need a nudge to get back into their flow and do their own thing – and that’s kind of it. About getting people back to the gym.

If you’ve had a stressful week, family life can get busy at times, and you just need to get out of the house for an hour or so, come to our Sunday session for release.

Nub News: Mental health affects a lot of people and a lot of men – what would you say to those thinking of signing up to Rock Gym Here

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: When it comes to using the gym, sometimes the hardest part is getting people through the door. Once they do that – we will do the rest. You’ll have to work to get fitter, but that’s the fun part. The hardest part is getting through that door.

Usually people have fitness equipment in their house or shed which is mostly unused. This is because you need to get out of your own space and go to the gym.

Our group is full of like-minded guys, all over 40, and it’s just a safe place for people to train, get fit, and boost your mental health. It’s not about who can lift the most and who’s the fittest, it’s about enjoying a safe space to practice with a good group of kids.

Nub News: How was the feedback?

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: We got great response. One person actually bought a pair of trainers just to get in and get into it as it had been a while since he had been to the gym.

This weekend someone had to work on Sunday, but he only came for half an hour because he wanted to be here. I was really pleased with that kind of effort and attitude – that’s what we try and encourage. He didn’t need to come in, but he wanted to. That is the inspiration we look to and can build upon.

It’s also in a great setting – you literally have lambs in the field outside! Offaly Hoo Farm has a cafe next door. It is a very good gym in a very good setting.

I also do a combat class at 6pm and have other classes going on as well as we have a lot of classes at the gym. Early mornings and evenings, Monday through Friday, and weekends.

Nub News: Great stuff, thanks so much for your time Steve, it’s clear that Rock Gym is a special place.

Steve Jeffs of Rock Jim: Cheers. You should come to class…

Nub News: Thanks for the invite – we might do better. Watch this space…!

Sign up to Rock Gym here Here

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Join Rock Health & Fitness and become part of a fun, friendly and supportive community

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