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214-year-old Ukrainian cathedral destroyed by Russian attack: ‘revenge…’ | world news

214-year-old Ukrainian cathedral destroyed by Russian attack: ‘revenge…’ |  world news

Russian missiles have damaged a historic Orthodox cathedral in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa. Ukrainian officials said at least one person was killed and several others were wounded in the attack. Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture said other historical buildings were also damaged in the attack. The Transfiguration Cathedral is the largest church building in Odessa and was consecrated in 1809. It was destroyed during the Soviet era in 1936, and has since been rebuilt. It is located in the city center of Odessa and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Russia-Ukraine War: Transfiguration Cathedral destroyed by Russian missile attack in Odesa during Russia’s attack on Ukraine.(Reuters)

“Dozens of cars were damaged in the strike, facades and roofs of many buildings in the city were damaged, windows were blown out,” and “several craters have formed in the city. There are power outages, which may disrupt traffic and reroute public transportation.”

The Russian Defense Ministry denied targeting the cathedral and said the attack was carried out in preparation for “terrorist acts”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack, saying, “Missiles against peaceful cities, residential buildings, a cathedral… There is no excuse for Russian evil. As always, this evil will lose and the Russian terrorists for Odessa will surely backfire. They will suffer this vengeance.”

“I am grateful to everyone who helps people and everyone who is with Odessa in their thoughts and feelings. We will get through this. We will restore peace. “For this we must defeat Russian evil,” the Ukrainian leader said.

“Russia has already destroyed hundreds of cultural sites and is trying to destroy Ukraine,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell tweeted.

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