• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
The Sony IMX903 and IMX907 image sensors for next-generation smartphones are described in more detail

The IMX903 is predicted to emerge as a major iPhone 16 Pro-grade rear camera upgrade. Now, it has allegedly broken the cover on a new specs tip with the next generation IMX907. Both are debuting “Double-layer transistor“CMOS sensors from Sony, that’s where the similarity ends.

In this new Weibo post, the IMX903 is given the same 48MP resolution as the 14 Pro series’ IMX803, while the IMX907 has a more on-trend 50MP spec. Neither sensor can apparently hope for the IMX989’s top-end 1-inch size, despite approaching 1/1.12-inch and 1/1.14-inch dimensions, respectively.

Both new sensors will have 1.4 micron (μm) sized pixels; However, the IMX907 may have a sub-pixel matrix of 0.7×0.7μm compared to the 0.7×1.4μm on the IMX903, thereby giving the former an edge in terms of light absorption and detail.

Compared to the dual-pixel AF (DPAF) on the IMX903, the IMX907 may be faster to find its subject, with quad-pixel AF (QPAF). However, the latter is still tipped to be marketed as a new smartphone videography benchmark, with wide dynamic range and HDR and Dolby Vision support to boot.

In fact, a famous leaker Digital Chat Station Forming a premium smartphone camera array by 2024 with support for the IMX903 and other fast-rising buzzwords include compound lenses made of a single molded glass layer and 7 plastic (or “1MG+7P“) and Periscope Zoom modules.

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