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“Tags of king and prince…”: Virat Kohli’s top-line ‘Amazing’ takes on Shubman Gill ahead of WTC final

“Tags of king and prince…”: Virat Kohli’s top-line ‘Amazing’ takes on Shubman Gill ahead of WTC final

Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli – two Indian batting mainstays.© BCCI/ICC

Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill are the two Indian batsmen who are eyeing the World Test Championship final against Australia. While Kohli has excelled in Indian colors for over a decade, Gill has shown the potential to become one of the world’s best in the coming years. Kohli opened up about Gill’s potential ahead of the crucial match. “He (Gill) talks to me a lot about the game, is very keen to learn and has amazing talent for his age,” Kohli said. Told the ICC.

“He has a fantastic ability and character to perform at a high level, is confident and we have that relationship, we have that understanding based on respect.”

“I want to help him grow and really understand and come to his potential so that he can play for a long time, perform consistently and benefit Indian cricket,” Kohli said.

Many social media users have given Kohli the tag of ‘King’ and Gill of ‘Prince’.

“All these kinds of tags of king and prince are great for the public and the spectators to see, but the job of any senior player is to help the youngsters improve and give you the insight you have throughout your career,” Kohli said.

“As long as a person is as interested in learning as he is, he will be fine because he wants to learn how to do it at a high level and perform consistently.

“He’s a lovely boy, he’s playing amazingly well and I want him to continue that in this Test match.”

Indian captain Rohit Sharma will partner Gill at the top of India’s batting order for the South London clash starting on Wednesday.

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