• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
YouTube Shorts now lets users turn comments into videos, check out

Similar to rival apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, YouTube Shorts features an unlimited stream of content in a vertical feed. In an effort to increase user engagement, Google frequently tests new features, such as standalone YouTube web and mobile apps. The YouTube team has announced that a new such experiment is coming soon
Available to a select number of Android and iOS users. With this feature, users can make a new shorts video using a comment from a video they are currently watching.

When one browses through the support page, they can see details about this experiment. According to YouTube’s support page, the feature is defined as “viewer-generated shorts featuring comments.”

This test comes with limited accessibility and few restrictions. First, YouTube says it doesn’t notify creators when something new comes out
The material is generated by a comment from their uploaded video. However, creators cannot control any comments that their viewers choose to short. No notification will be sent to the author of the original comment.

Also, the user who created the new short can find it on their channel’s home page. On Android and iOS platforms, only a “small percentage of viewers” can see this test enabled. It’s unclear what this new test will look like, as the support page doesn’t include any screenshots.

While creators have little control over which comments become shorts, according to the YouTube support team, they can prevent this from happening by turning off comments on their videos. It’s too early to tell if this experimental feature will ever be made available to more people. YouTube makes it clear that’s not all
Trials are made public, which may be a sign that more people will be able to access them in the future.

Earlier, YouTube had also tested a feature that would allow users to watch videos at double speed. According to YouTube
On the test page, users can long press the player to automatically set the playback speed to 2x. On a mobile device, users can participate in the test by pressing anywhere on the screen with their finger until a message reading “Playing at 2x speed” appears at the top of the window. Also, the function is available online.

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