• Tue. Feb 27th, 2024
Role played by advanced weather stations

This weekend on In Focus we talk about extreme weather and its impact across New York State. Following recent record rainfall and flooding in parts of the Hudson Valley, Jodi Kenney sat down with Nick Basile, director of research and development at the University at Albany Center of Excellence. Bassil talked about the value of the New York State Mesonet data collected from 126 advanced weather stations deployed across the state, which provides emergency managers and forecasters. Funded with federal dollars in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the NYS Mesonet collects temperature, wind, precipitation and other measurements from these stations, which are spaced an average of 18 miles apart. Bassil said the data will be made available immediately to local and state officials as they work to direct resources to the areas with the greatest impact. Researchers can also access this data and have been able to identify and study climate trends due to climate change.

You can check this with real-time weather information provided by the New York State Mesonet at nysmesonet.org.

You can watch the full interview with Nick Basile, University at Albany Center of Excellence Director of Research and Development, via the video player above. For the biggest issues affecting upstate New York, be sure to tune in to Focus with Jodi Kenney – every Sunday. Spectrum News 1.

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