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The worm seen inside the green chillies in the video is not poisonous

The worm seen inside the green chillies in the video is not poisonous

A Video It is being shared on social media claiming to show the world’s smallest venomous snake in a green chilli or capsicum. Sharing the video, the post suggests that people cut green bell peppers before eating or using them in cooking. Let’s check the claim made in the post.

Right: Video showing a small poisonous snake inside a green chilli.

Fact: The video shows a mermithid nematode worm that can parasitize insects and spiders, but not humans. Said worms are not harmful to humans. Hence, the claim in the post Misleading.

In a reverse image search of screenshots of the video, we found that videos showing similar scenes have been published on social media since at least 2019. You can see those posts Here And Here.

When we searched for more resources using relevant keywords, we found An article reported on this viral video in 2019. The news site reported that the bell pepper worm, which belongs to the Nematomorph phylum or nematode family Mermythidae, does not parasitize humans. Another news site also published this report Article In 2019. The worm does not attack the body, much less cause death, and according to reports, it does not even live in pepper. One of the reports suggested that someone deliberately put the worm inside the pepper to make the video.

Ben Hanelt, a senior lecturer in biology at the University of New Mexico, talks about the viral video. told Snopes:”It is a mermithid nematode. These are not pathogenic to humans; Only for insects“.

Experts consulted by the AFP fact-checker also confirmed the worm. Nematomorpha or Nematoda. Maria Achinelli, a Doctor of Natural Sciences, Said AFP: “They can parasitize cockroaches. Lobsters, spiders, scorpions, but never animals like birds, reptiles, amphibians, and humans. They are not dangerous to touch or swallow.”

In short, it appears in the video that the worm seen inside the green bell pepper is not parasitizing humans.

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