• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
This iOS 17 update will change your iPhone, check out these 7 new features

After the release of the first public beta of iOS 17, there has been a lot of excitement among iPhone users as it is the first time some of them have got their hands on the new features. If you have already downloaded the iOS 17 beta or are planning to do so, you should learn about all the new features to look out for. One of the big hubs of new features is the all-too-familiar Messages app. The Messages app has received a major upgrade where it not only gets a new design but also new functionality. Here are the top 7 new features in the Messages app coming to your iPhone soon.

Design changes

According to A Report According to MacRumors, Apple is reducing the clutter to make the Messages app appear more seamless and intuitive. This means you don’t have to click in 3 different places to get all the tools and features. While in a chat, you can press the ‘+’ icon to the left of the message box to access the camera, photos, stickers, money, audio, location, store and more.

check in

This is one of Apple’s new additions to the iPhone. This allows someone else to keep tabs on you while you’re on the go. You will tell them as soon as you reach your destination. If you don’t reach the destination, iPhone will prompt you. If you don’t respond, it will send your data to the person, including battery life, network signal, route traveled, the last location the iPhone was unlocked, and the last location the Apple Watch was removed.

Not sure which one
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To access this feature, you need to select a conversation and click on the + icon. You will find the check-in option. Now, you can add the location you are traveling to and the time you expect to arrive. The person on the other end will receive a message telling them where you are going and when you should be there.

Sticker creation

A new feature is that you can use emojis as stickers in conversations, and another great feature is that you can create stickers. By using the iOS 16 feature to remove an object from the background, you can now save that image as a sticker and start sending it to your friends right away.

New Memoji

iOS 17 will also bring new Memoji stickers. You can now use Halo, Smirk and Peekaboo stickers with the existing collection.

Catch the arrow

Now, you can see all your unread messages with an arrow that will take you directly to the last unread message. So, if you’re in a group and aren’t paying attention, you can use it to navigate to where you need to catch up.

Swipe to reply

Both the former and this feature are likely to be inspired by WhatsApp, which has been around for quite some time now. Swipe to Reply lets you swipe from left to right to instantly reply to a message.

Audio message transcriptions

This cool feature will automatically transcribe the content of any audio message, so you won’t miss what you’re saying, even if you can’t hear it.

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