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UDC Tower won the Green Apple Environment Award

UDC Tower won the Green Apple Environment Award

UDC representatives receive the award from the founder, CEO of the Green World Organization, Roger Wollens.

Doha, Qatar: United Development Company (UDC), master developers of Pearl Island and Gewan Island, has announced that its headquarters UDC Tower has won the Green Apple Environment Award 2023 for Beautiful Buildings, the green organization’s prestigious international award that recognizes organizations that adopt the best environmental practices in the world.

UDC Tower received the Silver Green Apple Environment Award for Beautiful Buildings in the “Mixed Use Buildings” category for its distinctive design features and eco-friendly practices such as maintaining a carbon neutral footprint, use of recycled materials, solar panels and regeneration.

The award was received by the representative engineer of UDC. Abdullatif Ali Al-Yafi, Executive Director of Public Services, attended an awards ceremony on June 16, 2023 in London, UK, attended by representatives of more than 200 companies from around the world.

UDC has also been included in the green organization’s list of Green World Ambassadors, where each ambassador plants 100 trees. UDC will be honored next year at the Palace of Westminster in London, recognizing its efforts in the area of ​​sustainability and presenting it with a prestigious green plaque.

UDC representatives receive the award from the founder, CEO of the Green World Organization, Roger Wollens.

In light of its efforts and commitment to sustainability and environmental development, it is noteworthy that UDC is the first real estate developer and Qatari public shareholding company to receive this award. It is worth noting that the UDC Tower is the first GSAS certified building in Pearl Island as it meets the necessary qualifications for sustainable operations. UDC is a proud recipient of this award and was declared the winner based on the following:

Building Analysis

The UDC Towers building analysis revealed opportunities for savings in annual operating costs, which equate to 26% of the building’s annual electricity and 24% of water costs. The building’s engineered construction is 10% more efficient than similar stocks in the area, highlighting UDC’s dedication to sustainability and efficient use of resources. Also, UDC Tower is the first building in Pearl Island to have a vertical green garden, making it a uniquely constructed commercial tower that meets all the criteria of a sustainable building.

Air quality and waste management

At the UDC Tower, air quality was within Qatar’s acceptable limits, demonstrating common air pollutants such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and formaldehyde. Also, analysis of waste management practices at the UDC Tower Building indicates compliance with its waste management plan.

Water efficiency

The water fixtures inside the tower come with sensors and a high efficiency part is installed to reduce the water pressure. According to the water consumption breakdown, ultra-low flow, flush fixtures and submeters that detect leaks and capture appropriate water consumption have reduced water consumption.


The lighting design ensures proper visual comfort for building occupants during the day, while also allowing for energy conservation. The lighting design of the building was found to be in line with the quality of light produced by artificial lighting. The UDC harvests daylight inside the tower and combines it with artificial lighting used in occupied spaces within the building perimeter. Most of the spaces inside the UDC Tower had access to external or internal views, creating a sense of comfort and well-being. These features allow passengers to enjoy natural light.

noise pollution

Low noise levels reduce distractions and provide a comfortable working environment. The indoor noise level inside the UDC tower was found to be within the limits specified by the relevant standards to ensure the health and welfare of the tower users.

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