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UK weather today: ‘Iberian plume’ mini heatwave predicted to raise temperatures

UK weather today: ‘Iberian plume’ mini heatwave predicted to raise temperatures

Britain is in for a delightful spell of warm weather this week as temperatures soar thanks to the arrival of an “Iberian plume” bringing warm air from Spain.

Although Tuesday’s forecast showed colder parts of the country, forecasters predicted sunshine for the rest of the week.

The Met Office said on Tuesday that some clouds in the morning will bring down the temperature. As the clouds move east and give way to the sun, some places will remain “grey and cold.”

The best sun is expected again in the West, which has witnessed the hottest temperatures of the season so far. As the east-west climate divide continues, eastern regions will continue to experience the lowest temperatures.

“Like last week, the west of the UK will be mostly sunny and warm, with cooler and cloudier conditions in the east for the next few days,” Met Office chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen said.

“The cloud will push inland across the country overnight and turn towards the east coast during the day,” he said.

“The amount of clouds can vary from day to day and this will affect the weather in some areas. There is a small risk of isolated showers in northern areas on Wednesday.

Temperatures are expected to top 20C in some southern and western areas. The north will also enjoy milder temperatures, reaching a minimum of 19C.

Temperatures are expected to rise on Thursday as high pressure continues to dominate. Reports suggest an Iberian plum is arriving in the UK.

The Iberian plume is a weather phenomenon that brings warm air from the Iberian Peninsula – across Spain and Portugal – into the UK. This happens when a high pressure system over the Iberian Peninsula pushes warm air north, causing warmer temperatures in the UK.

Warm air masses from the Iberian Peninsula can bring heat waves and significantly increase temperatures, often resulting in unusually hot and sunny summers in the UK.

The Met Office also expects temperatures to rise as southern regions can expect 27 degrees Celsius, the highest of the year so far.

However, the north will experience a slight chill of around 20 degrees Celsius.

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Porthmadog’s highest temperature of the year so far was 25C on Sunday.

This warm trend is expected to continue Friday and into the weekend, but thunderstorms are possible as a low pressure system moves in from the southwest.

In the future, there will be occasional heavy rain and thunderstorms in the south towards the end of June, but temperatures are expected to be above average.

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