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7 Unusual Ways You Can Get XP in Minecraft

7 Unusual Ways You Can Get XP in Minecraft

Minecraft, above all else, emphasizes exploration, creativity, and survival. Occasionally, players seek faster leveling and increased XP to boost spells, brew potions, and perform tasks. XP, or experience points, represent a player’s progress and skill level, displayed in a bar at the bottom of the screen. Advancing XP levels unlocks various abilities such as charm items, potions, using a cloak, and trading with villagers.

While the familiar methods of mining, smelting, and killing mobs grant XP in Minecraft, some lesser-known, but intriguing and rewarding alternatives exist. Here are seven unconventional ways to earn XP in Minecraft.

From trading to fishing, these are the unusual ways to earn XP in Minecraft

1) Trade with villagers

Villagers provide valuable items and resources and offer XP for each trade. The more you trade with a specific villager, the more XP you will collect. Unlocking new trades through more transactions also provides additional XP.

Villagers boast a variety of occupations and unique trades according to their standards and professions. Villagers can also be generated by healing randomly generated zombie villagers in villages across various biomes.

Trading with them is a great way to earn XP because it’s easy, safe, and profitable. You can trade deliverables or acquire lots of rare or valuable items. You can also get discounts on trades if you have a good reputation with villager or village effect hero.

2) Curing zombie villagers

Zombie villagers are a rare variant that spawns naturally or is created when a normal villager is infected by a zombie. These strange entities resemble villagers, but have green skin, red eyes, and ragged clothes. As zombies, they attack players and other villagers.

In Minecraft, healing a zombie villager with a splash potion of weakness grants substantial XP for a golden apple and offers a friendly villager trade discounts. The curing process takes several minutes, during which the zombie villager trembles and makes noises.

However, it is crucial to protect them until they fully recover and become a normal villager with irregular occupation and standard. Each healed zombie villager and one new villager will give you a lot of XP, which will give you better deals on trades.

3) Breeding mobs

Breeding mobs, such as animals, monsters or villagers, present a unique way to earn XP. Feeding two populations of the same species their preferred food initiates the breeding process, resulting in a brood population. Players earn XP for each successful breeding and subsequent growth of the baby mob.

Different populations have different food preferences, such as cows that seek wheat, pigs that prefer carrots or potatoes, and sheep that enjoy wheat.

4) Using a grindstone

In Minecraft, a grindstone allows players to remove enchantments from items, repair them, and recover XP. XP gained is proportional to spell level.

A grinder made of two sticks, a stone slab, and two planks of any kind is a versatile tool for removing unwanted enchantments, recovering XP from unwanted items, and dealing damage without using up extra resources.

5) AFK fishing

AFK (Away from Keyboard) fishing is an easy way to catch fish without player involvement in Minecraft. One can set up a simple contraption using a fishing rod, a note block, an iron trapdoor and water. Holding down the right mouse button activates the system, and caught fish, items, and XP are collected without active participation.

AFK fishing gives you XP for every catch in Minecraft. Loot earned can include fish, valuables, or junk that can be discarded or recycled. Treasure can be found including spell books, bows or fishing rods that can be used or combined with other items.

6) Mining Nether Quartz

A precious mineral found near lava or netherrack in Minecraft’s Nether Dimension, Nether Quartz offers significant XP when mined with the appropriate pickaxe. Players can get Nether Quartz through this method and collect XP efficiently.

Mining Nether Quartz is a great way to earn XP because it’s plentiful, fast, and versatile. You get a lot of XP for each ore you mine, and some Nether Quartz that can be used for various purposes.

Players can craft redstone components such as comparators, observers, or daylight sensors that can be used for complex circuits or contraptions in Minecraft. They can also make decorative blocks such as quartz blocks, pillars, or steps for building or designing.

7) Skulk destroys blocks

Adds skulk blocks to the world’s lowest level Deep Dark biome. These blocks are sensitive to vibrations, emit redstone signals, and spawn skulk sensors or wardens. Players earn XP by destroying skull blocks with any tool or weapon.

The Deep Dark biome in Minecraft presents a dark and dangerous environment, with a scarcity of light sources and numerous hostile mobs making earning XP through this method a challenging yet rewarding experience. For each block destroyed, players get some XP and some skulk items that can be used for new features or mechanics.

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