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Call the heat domes, climate change – climate change

Call the heat domes, climate change – climate change

You may not have heard, a record-breaking heat wave is sending temperatures Soaring up to Unprecedented levels across the country. Which you clearly haven’t heard Climate change is caused by mankind’s massive consumption of fossil fuels The primary culprit.

Take a recent sample of coverage of the Southwest heat wave. Two reports The New York Times Not mentioned Climate change. (Another one It did so while passing as a possible row of investigation). Reports from ABC News And NBC News Climate change has been conspicuously ignored As the articles in The Washington Post as well as Wall Street Journal.

Forgive the average media consumer For being confused Disconnect it The existential nature of the climate crisis is – rightly – the way the media is discussing it theory, compared to how they discuss when this crisis manifests as extreme weather. Every day they Open a paper or turn on a TV and see more extreme weather conditions Rather, it is presented as purely accidental or an act of God – divorced from or accidental. Human political and economic decisions actually cause them.

But climate change and extreme weather are not mutually exclusive, and we need to stop considering them Such news producers. Given the existential stakes of catastrophic climate change A very limited timetable requires humans to reverse – or at least mitigate – its extremes effects, Lack of clear binding coverage Dots Growing more blatant and, frankly, immoral by the day.

This is not to say that climate does not play a role in extreme weather show, including Inn Separate stories From The Times and other outlets. But this is exactly the point: the time for reporting has come Should not be a separate category from or referred to as “Weather Reporting”. Randomly. It needs to be made central to the story. Given shares and a limited timetable Political activism and the threat of climate change caused by burning fossil fuels Exclaim in 36-point font, do not ignore or casually refer to paragraph 15.

The framing of each media report on climate change and extremes needs to be defined Weather.

Adam Johnson is the co-host of the “Citations Required” podcast and writes in his substack, column.

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