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What happened to GTA Online events after Trevor Philips?

What happened to GTA Online events after Trevor Philips?

Trevor Phillips’ fate after GTA Online’s latest update suggests he’s still alive and well. However, players trying to figure out everything that happened should know that it’s a bit more complicated. Note that everything discussed here is relevant to the San Andreas Mercenaries update. If this character returns in a future update, it won’t be mentioned here.

However, there are still several DLCs that hint at what Trevor Phillips has been up to over the past few years. Remember, Grand Theft Auto 5 took place in 2013. All of the recent GTA Online updates have arrived in current years, meaning it’s possible to determine this character’s current status within the series.

Trevor Phillips as a lifestyle coach in GTA Online

He’s Not Dead (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC had a mission known as Casino – Strong Arm Tactics, a reference to Tao Cheng’s survival in the Third Way mission. That means Trevor Phillips only lived after Grand Theft Auto 5 ended.

In Smuggler’s Run, the previous update, Ron Jakowski stated the following in a cutscene after the player purchased a hanger:

“Tre… oh, my best friend… he’s supposed to protect me forever… and he goes all Wynwood on me… he’s so important to Ron now… he’s a guru… he’s a lifestyle coach… I don’t know what he is…”

That means four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto 5, Trevor Phillips has decided to become some kind of guru. It’s a bit vague, but that’s all that’s known about the former hero’s new career.

It won’t be until 2021 that GTA Online players hear about this character again. The Contract DLC has a security guard that can randomly comment on several characters. One thing he can say is:

“Hey, this crazy dude came around earlier, dressed like a hobo, and he and Mr. Clinton used to work together. I got really mad when he said he wasn’t available. I had to stop him from standing at the table. Seriously. If you got a minute with Mr. Clinton, would you let him know?”

The only character who fits this description would be Trevor Phillips. That means he is still alive in 2021.

His role in Sandy Shores was taken over by Hooligans (Image via Rockstar Games)

Los Santos Drug Wars is the last major GTA Online update to mention Trevor Phillips. That DLC basically showed how all of his old businesses didn’t work, which is why Dax and his friends took over. That was the last thing he mentioned.

The GTA San Andreas Mercenaries update does not contain any further details on what this character will be from 2023.

Other notes about Trevor Phillips in GTA Online

Here’s how he appeared in one of GTA Online’s older pieces of content (Image via Rockstar Games)

It is worth mentioning that this character gave the GTA Online heroes a series A funding heist and some small contact missions. However, all of those actions only took place before Grand Theft Auto 5 and are irrelevant to determining his fate in the modern era.

He could always appear in a future update, which will introduce new content, patch bugs like GTA Online money glitches, and more.

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