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‘It’s unfair’: Former Pakistan captain slams PCB’s ‘injustice’ at World Cup | Cricket

‘It’s unfair’: Former Pakistan captain slams PCB’s ‘injustice’ at World Cup |  Cricket

Pakistan’s participation in the ODI World Cup in India in October-November has witnessed some late dramas. According to the latest developments, A High level committee The country’s participation in the program is set to be decided. There has been more Calls to neutral venues For Pakistan’s matches in response to the BCCI’s stance of not sending its team to the neighboring country for the Asia Cup, which is held before the World Cup.

File photo of Virat Kohli and Babar Azam exchanging greetings ahead of India-Pakistan clash (AP)

Amidst all this, there have been calls by former cricketers to allow Pakistan to participate in the ICC event, setting aside geopolitical tensions. Former Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq also came out with the same opinion.

“When there are contacts between the two countries in other sports, why not in cricket. Why link cricket with political ties? It is unfair that people are deprived of the opportunity to see their teams play against each other,” Misbah said. Way PTI At a function held in Karachi on Friday.

“It is a huge injustice to the fans who follow Pakistan and Indian cricket so much. Of course Pakistan should play in the World Cup even in India,” added the former cricketer who has over 11,000 international runs to his name.

Misbah also argued that it is time that even India should start visiting Pakistan for cricket events.

The former cricketer shared his experience of playing in India and how it motivates the players to do better. He feels that conditions in India are similar to Pakistan, so they should focus on cricket and winning the World Cup.

“I have played in India many times and we have enjoyed the pressure and the crowd there. Because it gives you motivation and conditions in India. Our team has the ability to perform well in Indian conditions.”

“They should not think about what is happening outside their constituency. The key to doing well in the World Cup in India is getting the playing XI right at specific venues and against specific opposition.

The much-awaited India-Pakistan clash will be held on October 15 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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