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‘wildDISCO’ full mouse mapping; High-resolution imaging of living brain tissue | the spectrum

‘wildDISCO’ full mouse mapping;  High-resolution imaging of living brain tissue |  the spectrum

Illustration by Lorraine Boglio

Ali Ertürk Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München detailed his team’s study.Whole-body cellular mapping in the mouse using normal IgG antibodiesPublished in Nature Biotechnology 10 July.

John-Paul Fuller-Jackson With the University of Melbourne Katerina Shkarina Several people at the Institute of Innate Immunity responded to Erturk.

Allen Institute A link to it has been shared New dishAllen Brain Cell Atlas.

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Eric Minkel The Broad Institute explained his team’s preprint, “Refinement of the impact of genetic evidence on clinical successPosted June 29 on medRxiv.

Philip Velicky of the Medical University of Vienna described his team’s study, “Dense 4D nanoscale reconstruction of living brain tissuePublished in Natural methods 10 July.

Reto Fiolca The University of Texas Southwestern asked a question, which Velicky answered.

Jacob Troidel Harvard University responded to Veliki.

Mustafa Sahin Harvard University posted a link to his team’s article, “Updated consensus guidelines on the management of Phelan-McDermid syndromePublished in American Journal of Medical Genetics 1 July.

Shani Stern The University of Haifa related her team’s study, “Early maturation and hyperexcitability are shared phenotypes of cortical neurons derived from various ASD-associated mutations.Published in Translational psychology 6 July.

Peter Bandettini The National Institute of Mental Health has announced the relaunch of an open access journal Aperture Neuro.

Meng-chuan Lai He posted a link to his team’s study at the University of Toronto, “The Chinese version of the Camouflaged Autistic Behaviors Questionnaire in Taiwanese autistic and non-autistic adolescents: an initial development.Published in Autism 10 July.

Tyler Perfitt shared a link to his team’s study, “The clustering of CaV1.3 L-Type Calcium Channels Shank3Published in Journal of Neurochemistry 30 June.

Santosh Girirajan According to Pennsylvania State University, “partner selection increases rare variants in children.” the spectrum 6 July.

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