• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Woman urinates on floor of US plane after being barred from using restroom | world news

Woman urinates on floor of US plane after being barred from using restroom |  world news

In a bizarre incident caught on camera, a woman was seen urinating on the floor of a US plane after the airlines’ flight attendants allegedly blocked her from entering the lavatory for two hours. As the attendant recorded her video, the woman said, “I have to pee for two hours and you tell me you can’t, you close the doors.” To which the attendant said, “Say hello to the camera for me.”

Spirit Airlines Flight (AFP)

“You can do whatever you want…you can send a warrant, better yet arrest me,” the woman scoffed. The incident at Spirit Airlines comes amid an increase in the number of people traveling uncontrollably on flights.

The incident, which was shared on Twitter, garnered 43.4K views. Responding to a video of the incident shared by @ValeursOccidentales, one user wrote in French, “I don’t understand this humanity,” while another tweeted, “How do you expect their children to behave afterwards.”

Other strange cases

In an unrelated incident, a fellow passenger urinated on a woman on an Air India flight last year. The incident took place on AI-102 flight. This happened after lunch was served and the cabin lights were turned off. According to the complaint filed by the woman, a heavily drunk man approached the seat of a female passenger, took off her pants and urinated on her. Even after urinating, he continued to expose his private parts without apparent concern. He moved only when other passengers intervened and asked him to leave. The woman’s clothes, shoes and bag were soaked in urine. The woman also approached the Supreme Court on the issue.

In a statement, Air India said, “Air India has taken very seriously the incident of unacceptable and disrespectful behavior by a passenger on a New York-Delhi flight.” A police complaint has already been lodged and Air India is committed to assisting law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities.

“We have constituted an internal committee to probe the lapses on the part of Air India employees and rectify the late lapses to resolve the situation expeditiously. “We are in regular contact with the affected passenger and her family during the investigation and reporting process,” the airline said.

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