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Wood River Women’s Fitness Competition

Wood River Women’s Fitness Competition

WOOD RIVER – Megan Cunningham of Wood River is eager to compete in a national health and fitness competition.

Cunningham is currently competing for Miss Health & Fitness. The winner of this contest will be featured in Muscle and Fitness Herz magazine and take home $20,000.

Originally from New Mexico, Cunningham and her family moved to Wood River when she was five years old. She said she’s always exercised a little since high school, but decided to do more in the past few years.

“Joined circuit training at my local gym (Pride Fitness),” Cunningham said. “I started lifting weights and doing crazy things. I never liked deadlifts. It helped my mental space.”

She decided to join the pageant after seeing several sponsored advertisements.

“I feel like I’m at the strongest and healthiest point of my life and I want to try something out of my comfort zone,” she said.

In the competition, Cunningham are currently third in the group finals. The group finals will be followed by four additional rounds: the wildcard round,
Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals.

“The hardest part is finding people to vote,” she said. “I don’t have a huge following and this contest is based on people’s votes.”

While she says she doesn’t have a huge following, the following she does have is amazing.

“I’ve posted from the gym to our fitness club group and they’ve all been supportive,” she said.

People vote online for contestants to advance. To vote for Cunningham, visit https://mshealthandfitness.com/2023/meghan-cun. Each person can vote once every 24 hours for free or pay $1 for two votes a day. Voting for the group finals closes on Thursday, June 8.

Cunningham said claiming the title “would mean the world”.

“Being a small-town girl and getting that nationwide recognition means everything,” she said. “Once you win it, you’re basically all over the place. Even if I come close to winning, my mind will explode.”

If $20,000 is raised, Cunningham said, the gift will go to a women’s shelter for self-defense and a local animal shelter.


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