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Your climate: Windy and humid conditions like the Western Cape cold front

Your climate: Windy and humid conditions like the Western Cape cold front

SAWS has forecast a cold front for the Western Cape.

The South African Meteorological Service has issued a yellow level 2 warning for wind and waves, expected from Wednesday night into Thursday, which will cause navigation difficulties in the sea between Cape Columbine and Cape Agulhas.

Other warnings and advice:

Very high fire danger conditions are expected in the Beaufort West Local Municipality of the Western Cape, south-western parts of the North West, western parts of the Free State, eastern parts of the Northern Cape and over Enoch. Mjijima, Senkyu and Walter Sisulu Local Municipalities in the Eastern Cape.

A series of cold fronts are expected to make landfall in the south-western parts of the Western Cape from Wednesday evening to Thursday, bringing a significant drop in daytime temperatures from Thursday to Friday.

Maximum temperature may drop below 10 degrees Celsius°C In the southern highlands of the Namaqua District of the Northern Cape and the northern parts of the Cape Wineland Districts of the Western Cape.

Generally windy conditions will accompany cool and wet weather.

Weather in your province

Gauteng It will be very cold.

The expected UVB sunburn index is high.

Cloudy with fog in the morning over western and central parts MpumalangaGetting better in the afternoon.

It’s hot and cold.

Morning fog is expected in southern and central parts Limpopoor partly cloudy warm, but cloudy in the north-west.

The Northwest There will be fog in the east in the morning, otherwise it will be cool, hot and cold, and windy in the south-west.

There will be fog in the eastern part in the morning independent stateOtherwise cool and windy conditions.

in Northern CapeIt will be cool, but colder in the south-west, breezy in the east, becoming cloudy along the coast in the evening.

Coastal winds will be moderate to south-easterly at first, otherwise will be northerly to north-westerly.

Good conditions are expected in the extreme west Western CapeOtherwise cloudy and cool, with rain and drizzle spreading eastwards from the morning along the west coast.

Winds will blow in south-westerly areas.

Onshore winds will be light and variable along the south coast at first, moderate and fresh west to north-westerly, but will become northerly to north-easterly in the afternoon, otherwise fresh to strong north to north-westerly. Times on the south-west coast.

The expected UVB sunburn index is low.

We can expect very cold weather in the western half Eastern CapeBut warmer along the coast and near the interior.

The eastern half will be cooler, but the northern highlands will be cooler.

Winds along the coast will be light north-westerly and light south-westerly in the afternoon.

KwaZulu-Natal It will be quite warm, but the south-west will be cold.

Winds along the coast will be moderate or fresh north-easterly.

The expected UVB sunburn index is high.

Wednesday’s temperature.

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